The Best Seafront Bungalows

The best Zanzibar accommodation offer

Shanuo Beach Bungalows overlooks the wonderful fine white sandy beach of Michamvi Pingwe, one of the most beautiful on the island of Unguja, commonly known as Zanzibar. Enjoy the view of crystal clear waters and fascinating spectacle of the alternating tides.

Michamvi Pingwe is located on the east coast of Zanzibar, a magical place to experience the sunrises and sunsets.

Shanuo Beach Bungalows was built in the traditional architectural style of Zanzibar and swahili culture, with makuti roofs, built with overlapping palm leaves, supported by wooden poles.

In the vicinity of Shanuo beach Bungalows there are numerous restaurants, local and international that offer excellent aperitifs, lunches and dinners.

A few meters away is The Rock Restaurant situated on a rock in the middle of the ocean, an icon of the island of Zanzibar and world famous for it’s extraordinary location and excellent cuisine.

At Shanuo Beach Bungalows you will experience an unforgettable vacation of pure relaxation.

Experience The Tropical Vacation

Discover The Magic

Bungalows with sea views

You can admire the continuous changes of the sea and it’s colours and be pampered by it’s sweet sound directly from your balcony.
You will experience an ever changing ocean, enjoyable when the tides are high but also when the tides are low, just a few steps from your room.
Your day will start with an excellent breakfast and will continue between relaxing on the beach and enjoying numerous excursions to discover the island of Zanzibar.

Activities at Shanuo

Feel the verve

There are many activities to experience during your vacation, in addition to the water based activities such as Kitesurfing, Traditional sailing, snorkelling and fishing, Shanuo can also organise the best excursions for you to discover the island of Zanzibar, it’s splendid sea and its traditions

On request, we can organise a spectacular safari in Tanzania.


On the wings of the wind

Don’t be surprised that one of the most sensational experiences you can have in Zanzibar includes surfing and kitesurfing.

Traditional Sailing

The Dhow

Sail the Zanzibar sea on the Dhow, a traditional boat made of wood with a large triangular sail. Go on a discovery of the sand banks that form during low tides.



The underwater world at your fingertips

Snorkel in the limpid sea of Zanzibar to discover the starfish, the multicoloured fish and the rich coral reef.

giant tortoise

Prison Island

Giant Turtles

Visit Prison Island, home to Aldabra giant tortoises and colourful peacocks. You will enjoy it’s splendid beaches, from there, you can admire the city of Stone town.

Therock Restaurant Zanzibar

TheRock Restaurant

A rock in the middle of the ocean

The most acclaimed restaurant on the island of Zanzibar, The Rock, accessible by boat at high tide and on foot at low tide will let you live an unforgettable experience.


Safari in Tanzania

During your beach holiday, with the help of Attanzania (@attanzania), leader of tailor-made safaris, we can organise a spectacular safari in Tanzania